Monday, July 6, 2009

What's In It For Me?

Whether spoken or unspoken, that’s what every Baby Boomer asks when he or she hears your sales pitch. Boomers are self-centered individualists, so no matter what the medium, from TV to Twitter, their first question is quite naturally “What’s in it for me?” If your advertising and marcom aren’t answering that query clearly and credibly, you have no right to expect stellar sales. In fact, if you can’t tell Boomers what’s in it for them, you’re talking to yourself, so save your money.

Boomers don’t care about your products or services the way you do. That’s why “Because” copy is crucial to your success. Face it, simply talking about how wonderful and beautiful your product’s features are is a real snooze. It’s like showing complete strangers pictures of your grandkids and expecting them to really care.

“Because” copy is the key to answering the question, Why should I buy? That’s why “Because” copy only mentions features that have real benefits that consumers can easily perceive and believe in. Tell Boomers how your product’s features will change their lives for the better, and you’ll grab and hold their attention, especially if your product’s benefits are related to Positive Aging, a vital goal for all discerning Boomers.

Rather obvious, you say? Then why isn’t “Because” copy common in today’s advertising and marcom? I think it’s because too many marketers are clueless or complacent. Most seem content to say: “We’re great, and you should love us the way we love ourselves.” That may work with trendy post-adolescents, but it won’t fly with discriminating, highly individualistic Boomers.

You can’t expect Boomers to read plain vanilla features and then discern the corresponding benefits automatically. They just aren’t going to work that hard to understand your pitch. If your product or service has a feature important enough to state, then clearly attach a meaningful benefit to it, otherwise don’t bother mentioning it.

When benefits are dramatically highlighted in a clear, concise, creative and cogent way, the product’s value suddenly seems obvious. So that’s exactly what you need to do—spell out those benefits in vividly engaging ways. Bring the benefits to life, and you’re well on your way to the Boomer Buying Center, where all the most important buying decisions are made.

In my next blog, I’ll talk a little more about the rewards of well-conceived and well-written “Because” copy, so stay tuned.


Shallie Bey said...

BECAUSE you explained because copy so well, I will make a special effort to use it more effectively. I will do this because I want to serve my market as well as you have served me. Thanks for a great post.

Shallie Bey
Smarter Small Business Blog

Pat Viro said...

I love everything you write! Thanks and keep it coming! Pat