Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to Reach those Affluent Baby Boomers.

If you’re in marketing or advertising, the key to reaching the Baby Boomers lies in knowing how to talk to them with insight and sensitivity. The most affluent Boomers are Positive Agers who are worldly, well-educated and discerning. They’re also self-centered, self-directed and more than a little vain. That’s why effectively communicating with them often requires intelligent, plausible reframing of issues that sometimes have negative connotations, and that can be very tricky.

Research can help in understanding the Boomers, but in their hearts and souls they defy categorization, so it’s best to consider them a Group Of One. A glance at their history shows that they’re diehard individualists who make buying decisions on their own terms not someone else’s—least of all some faceless corporation that’s urging them to buy, buy, buy!

If you’re a marketer and you understand that, then you’ll act accordingly and prosper. Chances are, though, you’re going to need wise counsel to motivate the Boomers to buy, because when it comes to advertising and marcom, they’ve seen and heard it all.

So, if you’d like to get a piece of the Boomer market, you’re going to need the help of someone with decades of experience and expertise in advertising and marketing communications. And that someone must also have professional training in gerontology counseling, because that’s the best preparation for knowing how to talk about the issues of aging, realistically and with a positive tone. And it helps if that someone is also a Boomer, because living the life is completely different than just studying it.

Finding and working with a resource like that will help you to not only understand Boomers but communicate with them in meaningful ways that resonate on levels where emotional decisions are made and motivation is born. Reach Boomers where they live, and it’s highly likely that they’ll carefully consider what you have to say and what you’re selling. And, if you’re really skillful, you might even motivate them to buy.

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