Thursday, March 19, 2009

Staying in Touch with the Present Moment is Tough

Living in the present moment may seem more than tough; it may seem impossible, but before you give up on even trying, consider the alternatives. You can dwell in the past, reliving the “good” and brooding about the “bad,” but both of those outcomes are dead ends. Chronically living in the future is even worse, because it’s doomed to be a concoction of fantasies about “good” and “bad” things that might happen, but seldom do. Two more dead ends.

Being in the moment, on the other hand, allows you to partake of reality as it actually is. It may not always be pleasant, but it’s more rewarding than wasting the here and now on distorted thinking about what was or what might be.

Staying in touch with the moment is key to escaping the prison of letting life just “happen” to you. It helps you silence the incessant chatter of “thinking” and plumb the depths of what actually is. The more you can accurately perceive reality, the more you can maximize the possibility that you’ll make the most of your life at any given moment. And that’s what Positive Living is all about, no matter how you define it.

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