Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Boomers Bask in Reflected Images of Positive Aging

You can’t successfully market to Baby Boomers until you understand, embrace and communicate Positive Aging in a creative and deeply respectful way. To do that, you have to change the way you think about and relate to Boomers. It begins with banishing ageism and disregarding stereotypes, but that’s not enough. Your writing and visual executions have to energize Boomers with messages that reflect the hallmarks of Positive Aging, like vitality, independence and commitment. Understand and appreciate the Boomer mindset, and you can develop new markets, expanding your business’ profit-making potential.

To accomplish this, though, you can’t just focus on market segments. Instead, you must focus on individuals, because when you’re talking to Boomers, you have to do it person-to-person, or you can ring up No Sale. Don’t be tempted to clump Boomers together. Instead, seek to understand, embrace and celebrate each person’s uniqueness, because that’s the key to reaching Boomers where they make their buying decisions.

Of course, speaking to Boomers with authentic, value-based communications is just part of what it takes to reflect the various aspects of Positive Aging that resonate. These people are highly individualistic, so you will have to take a Boomer-Centered Approach that will allow you to address each and every prospect in your target market in a genuinely personal way.

And if you think your products and services can’t be profitably repositioned against the Baby Boomer market, you haven’t effectively searched for the opportunities that are right under your nose. If that’s the case, you need to do a brand audit, carefully looking at what you have to offer until you create a position that strikes the mother lode with Boomers. Think of it as panning for gold—a way to help you discover the hidden profit potential that can help grow your bottom line in any economic climate.

To do this, of course, you’ll need the help of that unique someone who has decades of advertising and marketing communications experience, as well as professional training in gerontology counseling, and a little gray hair, too. Find that someone, and you’ll begin to prosper in ways you’ve never imagined possible.

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