Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two Myths About Marketing to Baby Boomers

If you market to Baby Boomers or plan on it, here is something interesting you should know:

On January 7th 2009, TNS Compete and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced a new joint study, "Greying Gadgets: How Older Americans Shop for and Use Consumer Electronics."

The study reveals that the age segments of 50-somethings, 60-somethings and 70+ use many technologies at or near comparable rates as younger age segments. Consumers in their 50s are as likely to own, or plan on buying, an HDTV as those under 50. Eighty percent of 60-somethings used a cell phone in the past week, nearly equal the usage rates of 18-34 year olds. Additionally, 71 percent of 60-somethings and 52 percent of 70-somethings used a search engine in the past week, compared to 77 percent of 18-34 year olds.

The study also revealed that older Americans rely more heavily on in-person information sources for purchasing electronics products. Sixty-three percent spoke with a sales associate in-person when researching their consumer electronics purchase, compared to 47 percent of those aged 18-49. (to read the full report)

This study points out two very important facts about Boomers. First, that they embrace technology as much as any other generation. And second, that they demand one-on-one interaction when making a purchase.

In other words, they like gadgets and they want to be treated as an individual consumer not as a mass market- two more myths about Baby Boomers shattered.

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