Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boomer Marketing Around the Blogosphere: part 2

In a second installment of Baby Boomer Marketing around the web, here's Chuck Nyren's Blog. It's called Advertising to Baby Boomers and he's been at this for about 4 years.

If you follow his blog, the logic is self evident and right on the mark. Chuck explores numerous examples of how marketing to Boomers makes sense. More importantly he demonstrates how if you don't market to Boomers, you're not as bright as you think you are.

I like this one from earlier this year about how Chico's catalog skewed too young with their models, turned off customers and got the CEO fired. Read it here.

Or try this one from last year. Chuck writes about the Madison Avenue trend of portraying Boomers in black and white images, as if "we're merely characters in a handful of Woody Allen movies." Read it here.

Thanks to Chuck's blog I can finally prove I'm not crazy about this Baby Boomer Marketing thing.

Also check out Chuck's book, Advertising to Baby Boomers. It'll change the way you think about us, once and for all.

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