Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Positive Aging Can Increase Sales for Virtually Any Business.

But before you can change your profit outlook you have to change your mindset. In order to embrace the concept of Positive Aging, you have to transform the way you think about and relate to Boomers. It begins with breaking stereotypes, but that’s just the beginning.

Your strategy and tactics have to be grounded in a genuine respect for each Boomer’s individualism. Your advertising and marcom have to be brimming with concepts that conjure enthusiastic images of Positive Aging. Your writing and visual executions have to energize Boomers with messages that reflect vitality and independence. Understand and adapt to the Boomer mindset, and you can develop new markets, expanding the profit-making potential of your products and services.

And, if you think your products and services can’t be profitably repositioned against the Boomer market, you haven’t creatively searched for the opportunities that are right under your nose. The Boomer Strategy Audit™ is an innovative way to reconsider brands in a new light in order to discover incremental profit-making opportunities. It’s also an engaging, exciting and valuable tool for brainstorming innovative approaches to the Boomer market.

When you do a Boomer Strategy Audit, you’ll discover that it’s like the difference between panning for the occasional gold nugget and striking the mother-lode of increased sales.

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