Sunday, April 5, 2009

If You Don't Speak Directly to Baby Boomer Values... You Won't be Heard.

As we've discussed earlier, Baby Boomer Marketing can be hard to navigate without the right guide. Although the most important Boomer value is individualism, it helps to consider a handful of other values that underlie common themes in the world of gerontology counseling.

Personal Significance…every Boomer feels that he or she is capable of making a real mark in this world, and you’ve got to convince them that you believe the very same thing.

Quality…they’re intelligent, well-informed and picky about what they buy. They know quality when they see, and they’re more than willing to pay a premium for it. That’s why you’ve got to convince them that you can deliver the best possible products and services at a fair price.

Inner strength…they know who they are and what they’re about, and this self-knowledge helps them make their own choices with confidence. Your communications have to convince them that you celebrate their empowerment by treating them with respect rather than lip service.

Respect…Boomers simply won’t tolerate feeling marginalized. Not only have they accomplished a great deal in their lives, they also have big plans. You’ve got to convince them that you understand that they want more out of life than simply a comfortable rocking chair on life’s back porch.

Empathy…they may be self-centered, but Boomers also care about others, often very deeply. To connect on a meaningful level, you must convince them that you share their care.

Substance with style…you can’t fool Boomers with flashy fads like you can most younger consumers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate style. They do. But it has to have real substance behind it.

Optimal health and wellness…Boomers don’t expect to die young or unwell, for that matter. They expect to live a vigorous life, brimming with energy and enthusiasm. And they’ll love you for sharing that expectation and showing them the way.

Authenticity …living through the Sixties and beyond has caused Boomers to crave genuine experiences that make them feel fully alive and connected to others, as well as their deepest roots. Their search for authenticity is inextricably interwoven with their search for meaning and happiness. Learn to tap into these primal values, and you’ll be communicating with their souls.

To turn Boomers into buyers, you need to embrace and reflect these values in your advertising and marketing communications. And never forget that you need to cloak these values in individualism, because ultimately, you’re communicating with a Market Segment Of One.


carol stanley said...

I always enjoy these articles targeted towards BABY BOOMERS. I guess we are often judged by our age. And we do change as we go through the years. Our ideas, goals and sense of being.

Vince Vassolo said...

You're right, Carol. And as we continue to age, we Boomers are going to become increasingly important because our sheer numbers have always moved markets.