Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's a "Market Segment of One?"

The expression “A Market Segment of One” might sound like marketing mumbo jumbo, but it’s an easy, reliable way to remember that although Baby Boomers share many common values, the most important is individualism. Given their experiences during the ’60s, “typical” Boomer values revolve around a strong ego that stresses independence and self-reliance. Honor their robust sense of self by speaking meaningfully with each individual Boomer, and you’ll have a good chance of moving that person from apathy to action.

A major mistake that many traditional marketers make is clustering Boomers together in convenient market segments that only superficially recognize their individuality. Herding Boomers like that might provide a loose sense of what they’re like as a group, but it won’t necessarily facilitate connecting with their Buying Centers. A better approach is to understand, embrace and celebrate each Boomer’s uniqueness.

Get inside the individual’s head. Share that person’s thoughts and feelings in an intimate way. Use authentic words and images that resonate with and engage that person on intellectual and emotional levels. Do all that, and you’ll begin to understand what it means to address Boomers as “A Market Segment Of One.”

Of course, trying to precisely define “A Market Segment Of One” is as tough as trying to pin down what each individual Boomer is actually like. It’s certainly not easy, but it’s not impossible. And learning how to do it is the key to unlocking the hidden profit potential in your products and services.

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