Monday, April 20, 2009

Positive Aging Around the Blogosphere

Richard Ambrosius is an evangelist and pioneer for Positive Aging Marketing for over 30 years.

In 1981, he helped launch a movement by founding a company specializing in marketing to those in life’s second half using an approach he called Positive Aging. He was among the first consultants in the nation to specialize in the maturing market and aggressively counter aging stereotypes through his research, products, articles, lectures and workshops.

Read his poignant words about Positive Aging and the effect it can have on your marketing initiatives below:

The Pathway to Happiness - Turns Out to be Aging by Richard Ambrosius-

With all the focus in recent commercials on nostalgia to attract Boomers, one would think the road to happiness lies in the past and not the future. Or, I suppose you could conclude that older adults have been waiting for Baby Boomers to get older to show the rest of those in life's third stage how to "reinvent" retirement. as some pop culture consultants claim. Once again, it seems the consultants and Madison Avenue types trapped in yesterday's youth paradigms are wrong...again... or should I say still when it comes to understanding older consumers.

According to a 2006 University of Michigan Study, the belief that younger people are happier, a belief which is shared by the old and young, is just another myth or aging factoid. It would seem that older people "misremember" how happy they were as youths and young people "mis-predict" how happy or unhappy they will be as they age. While the young know older people are unhappy, they don't see themselves as unhappy in later life.... (finish the article)


Julie Arnsdorf said...

Checked out the article. Interesting, but doesn't he post anymore? The blog seems to stop after 2006.

Vince Vassolo said...

I'm not sure if he posts anymore, but you can check out his website at for more information.