Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boomers Turn Branding Upside Down

Boomers are bright, opinionated and socially connected, so they’ll decide what your brand means rather than having you or some trendsetter define it for them. As a marketer, your challenge is to craft ways that will encourage Boomers to spread the good word about your products and services to friends and neighbors. That means you’ve got to be a good reporter, as well as an engaging storyteller, and it doesn’t hurt to have a good sense of humor, as well. With the Boomers, the trite idea that the customer is always right becomes a literal truth, because, as always, they’ll have it their way, thanks.

Ultimately, you’ve got to really understand the Boomers on many levels to reach them. You need to be as sensitive as a counselor and as dynamic as an advertising creative director. A rare combination, but not unheard. If you find that kind of resource, you can begin to help Boomers see your brand in a more meaningful light.

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