Monday, April 27, 2009

Ways to Woo Your Ideal Boomer

Being a true individualist, the Ideal Boomer seeks to have every need, want, desire and whim catered to in a way that provides genuine value and personalized service. Of course, any consumer would love to be treated so royally. The thing about the Boomers, though, is that they insist on being courted like kings and queens. The reason for this is simple: They have a deep-rooted belief that they’re special—that they are The Entitled Generation.

This attitude is unique in history, at least for so large a group. The generation before the Boomers was tempered by the Great Depression and WWII, so they’ve been content to make due with whatever comes their way. The generation following the Boomers is learning to do the same, because they believe that once the Boomers wring all the dollars out of Social Security, Medicare and other middle class entitlement programs, there will be little left for them. Perhaps they’re right.

The Boomers may have become disillusioned during the ’60s, but they’ve never lost that feeling of entitlement. That’s why they’re among the world’s most demanding consumers. Their motto could be: “We’ll have it our way or no way at all, because we’re entitled.” In short, if you don’t live up to their high expectations, they’ll find somebody else who will.

The next four blogs will cover some ways you can begin to transform hard-to-please Boomers into loyal customers. It’s very challenging, but it can be very rewarding, too.

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